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Planned for CIP 2018-2028


Kansas City Southern Railroad Overpass at Blue Ridge Blvd.

The City of Grandview created a public-private partnership to make this project happen. Originally set in motion by a $3.56 million grant from the Federal Railroad Administration. Kansas City Southern Railroad has agreed to partner with the City of Grandview to help complete the funding for the $7 million project. If the Capital Improvements Sales Tax is renewed, Grandview will allot $1.75 million for the new dual-track overpass increasing pedestrian, vehicle, and rail safety.

Projects 2008-2018 

Completed to Date

MO Highway 150 Outer Roads Project
Merrywood Bridge Project
Highway 150 Outer Roads
Main Street Improvements

Street Construction: $8,021,097


Storm Drainage Improvements

Botts Road Improvements

Sidewalk & Curb

Construction & Repair


Facility Improvements/ Repairs

Technology Improvements


Vehicle Replacement


Police & Fire
Equipment, Technology, Vehicles & Facilities

Past Projects 1998-2007



  • Merrywood Bridge

  • 140th Street Bridge

  • West Frontage Road Improvements

  • Blue Ridge Traffic Signals

  • New Sidewalks

  • Sidewalk Repairs

  • Curb Repairs


Building Tomorrow's Community

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